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The Button Factory | Waterloo

This historical building provides a great sound for singer-songwriter events in the thriving arts community of Kitchener-Waterloo.

The Button Factory used to be exactly that. Yup, they made buttons. The business began in 1878 and by the 1900’s they were making “everything from buttons to buckles and cufflinks”. You can find the whole history of the venue on their site. As of 1996, this historical building became a community arts centre and is home to art exhibits, theatre productions and of course musical events.

ButtonFactory1The building itself was so, so, old and gave the event a very special feel. The creeky floorboards and stone walls really contributed to the entire atmosphere-perfect for an acoustic singer-songwriter event.

ButtonFactory2Heading up two steep flights of stairs, the concert area was a large open space on the second level with wonderful acoustics. Two speakers filled the entire room with a beautiful sound. With it being an open space, everyone had the chance to move around and chit-chat, but also the chance to sit and enjoy the music. Being a smaller room, the show was extremely intimate.

ButtonFactory3There was a small kitchenette that would make for a great bar area if the event was licensed, which ours was not. Mistake. Regardless, the space is there and could should be used. There were two small washrooms that were easily accessible from the main room and both were very clean. There was also a back room that could have been used as a green room for the musicians if they wanted it.

ButtonFactory4The Button Factory rents out privately for special events, so there were no staff on site the night of the event. Dealing with everyone ahead of time and after the event was a very pleasant experience with the entire staff being sweet, art-enthusiasts. Having the place to ourselves was amazing, although we were also left to do many things ourselves, including setting the stage, sound and lighting. With a room of capable folks, this was not an issue for our team.  We had a stage, stage lights, grand piano, seating and tables available for our use.

ButtonFactory5Located in Uptown Waterloo, The Button Factory is in a great location, minutes from the bustling Uptown Waterloo Square. Parking was free and was available in almost every direction from the venue, including right across the street. Keep in mind, this venue is not wheelchair accessible. The Button factory is located at 25 Regina Street South, Waterloo, Ontario and can be reached by the buses 7C, D or E or the iXPress 200.

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The Button Factory is a unique, artsy venue with a rustic, stripped-down appeal. I was so pleased with the sound of the venue and can’t wait to return again. Next time, a bar is a must though, my usual readers know I like to get my drank on.

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