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Starlight Social Club | Waterloo

Waterloo's hot spot for killer mid-week concerts.

Starlight Social Club is in the heart of Uptown Waterloo, centrally located for the University crowds that the city draws in. The venue also brings in some pretty big draws when it comes to performers including Plants & Animals, K-OS, The Trews, Sloan, Cuff the Duke, Hey Ocean, Wintersleep, Brendan Canning… the list goes on.

Starlight Social ClubStarlight is tucked away behind a slim door, only noticeable from the street due to its big blue logo and the staff out front. Once inside the door, the concert area is up a flight up stairs, although these are practically the only stairs in the venue. Otherwise, it’s a smaller room with a very open, large dance floor in the middle of the space. This allows for an intimate concert experience, without many visual obstructions. Around the outside of the room there’s a number of tables for seating, but these fill up quick. Even showing up well before the opener, I couldn’t find a seat. Keep in mind, depending on where you sit, you may not be able to see the stage.

Starlight Social ClubBased on the number of times that I’ve been here, staff have always been quite pleasant. The barkeeps always seem happy to be there, but of course I’m always there for excellent music, which can’t hurt when getting paid to see these killer acts. The staff also hustle about the venue picking up empties to keep the place clean. As far as cleanliness goes, Starlight is well maintained, with clean floors, tables and washrooms and I’ve never been left with an empty roll in the stall.

Hannah Georgas at Starlight Social ClubSound quality at Starlight is consistently good. It definitely helps that the sound board is that the back of the room, allowing for the sound guy to hear exactly what we hear as an audience. The lighting covers the stage in awesome purple and blue hues and changes with the songs for a great visual show, unexpected in a smaller venue.

Hannah Georgas at Starlight Social ClubStarlight, located at 47 King Street North, Waterloo, is easily accessible by public transit via the GRT iXpress 200 and is in a busy university area. If heading there on a Friday or Saturday night, expect student nights with more of a club vibe.

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Whether you’re a student new to the KW area, or a music fan that needs live entertainment any day of the week, Starlight is a great social spot to get your music fix.

If you’re looking for upcoming concert listings and killer week-night shows, visit Starlight Social Club’s Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Venue Diary

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