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Town Ballroom | Buffalo, NY

We headed south of the border to check out the iconic Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY.

This building has some history to it! Between the 1940’s and 1960’s, the then Town Casino, was the place to be! The venue hosted greats including Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis and Les Paul. As of 2005, the Town Ballroom opened it’s doors to a new audience, remaining true to it’s musical roots. Boy, was I excited for my first trip to the venue!


Frank Turner at Town Ballroom, Buffalo

A unique set up, heading into the venue anyone can sit and enjoy the bar while watching a screen projection of the live performance currently on stage. This was a brilliant idea for non-ticket holders and a great way for the large bar to cater to it’s regular customers. I was happy to watch the first band of the night with lots of elbow room and a beer in hand, paying $5 for a Sam Adams. It was also very spacious for checking out the merch tables.

Moving towards the stage, the venue has 3 levels; the pit in front of the stage, a narrow second level with a railing and a third open level with a railing and multiple (4) bars. The small, intimate room holds about 1,000 people, but allows for movement through it’s unique shape. This shape also allows for a great view from anywhere in the room, as well as an exceptional sound.


Frank Turner at Town Ballroom, Buffalo

The venue was exceptionally clean, including the washrooms. They were located in the open room before entering the concert hall and were always easily accessible. They also had employees handing out toiletries, towels and gum if you left a tip. These people always freak me out a bit and I usually just wipe my hands on my pants and bail. I’m not cheap, it’s just a task I can typically handle on my own. Otherwise though, the staff, including security, will-call and coat-check folks and the bartenders were all very friendly and helpful. I always find it odd that the stereotypical politeness is usually more prominent in our American friends, at least in my concert-going experiences.


Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls

The Town Ballroom is located at 681 Main St, Buffalo, NY. The venue is easy to find, but with the number of one-way streets and street car only streets, it took us a while to sort out the best place to park. Eventually we found a public parking lot on Washington Street only a few minutes from the venue for the low price of $4.

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This venue was absolutely one of the neatest set-ups I’ve seen for a show. I was blown away with the number of unique elements that came together in this classic venue to make the concert-going experience super special. I certainly look forward to upcoming shows at The Town Ballroom and urge you all to check it out.

For all upcoming concert listings, visiting the Town Ballroom at their website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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