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Maxwell’s Music House | Waterloo

Maxwell’s Music House is a venue located in the heart of University area in Waterloo, nestled between the University of Waterloo and Laurier. The location alone makes it a popular venue for seeing music, not to mention the talent this place brings in.

Maxwells1Maxwell’s opened in 2008 as a venue, music school and now offers Rock Camps for kids and jam spaces for bands. The venue itself holds about 100 people and has room for sitting and standing. The staff, including Paul Maxwell himself, couldn’t be friendlier and more welcoming. Whether it’s serving a drink, helping with gear, or making sure the sound is just right, any staff member is willing and eager to assist.

The sound itself at Maxwell’s is fantastic. They have an in-house sound guy that ensures great sound levels for each artist. Whether its an acoustic set, or a full-band show, this venue’s sound is perfect. With it being a small room, the crowd also gets an intimate experience with the performers, and who wouldn’t want to be up close and personal with some talented hotties?

Drinks on tap or for a domestic bottle will only cost about $5, but getting a pitcher is the way to go at only $15, or on some nights $12. There’s no food at Maxwell’s, but there’s lots of great eats right next door in the plaza.

Two, gender-neutral, single-stall washrooms are located at the back of the room and they’re always very clean. In fact, the whole venue is kept very clean- a place you could bring your mom out to… and I have on numerous occasions. They bring in an excellent mix of crowds. Yes, you’ll get the University students (outside of the summertime of course), but you also get a great range of “young adults”, the category I seem to fall into these days now that I’m no longer a student, and the older folks who happen to love good tunes.

Maxwell’s has booked amazing acts like Ben Caplan, Trouble & Daughter and Poor Young Things, and were even scheduled to host Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols & Tommy Ramone of the Ramones before a cancellation due to health issues.

Getting to Maxwell’s is simple by car or bus, taking the 200 iXpress or the new 202 University iXpress. Maxwell’s is in a small plaza located at 220 King St North, Waterloo, sharing the same plaza as the infamous Phil’s, which is also worth a gander if you’re into a night of getting sloppy. Parking at the plaza is free, but is limited. Luckily, the students don’t drive, making it simple to get a spot.

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Check out Maxwell’s Music House for their weekly listings, upcoming acts and their entertaining open mic nights. This is a seriously great venue and from what I’ve seen and heard, a bigger, better venue and location are expected in the near future. I couldn’t be more excited!

Follow Maxwell’s online on Facebook and Twitter and check out their website for full listings and newsletter updates.

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