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Best Venues of 2013

Taking a look back at 2013, Venue Diary is recapping our favourite venues of the year.

We’re listing our Top 5 favourite venues of 2013!

These were selected based on the uniqueness of  the venue, the show experience at the venue and my overall excitement before, during and after the event.


#5 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

My first time at the venue, the Town Ballroom surprised me with a unique room that provided concert-goers with a very cool experience. It’s one of the most intimate venues with a huge sound. This show felt like a show for 100,000… just for me. Loved it.


#4 Freefest: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland

Listed as one of American’s best outdoor venues, this was a festival that I was so pumped to attend. The music, the people and yes, even the rain, made this one hell of a show that I won’t soon forget.


#3 Adelaide Hall, Toronto

Ah yes, my very first show on the Venue Diary blog. That distinction alone makes this show a stand-out, but having attended Adelaide Hall on it’s inaugural evening brought so much excitement to this show. The above photo captures the room’s energy that I’ve been craving ever since.


#2 Osheaga: Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec

Absolutely one of the best locations I’ve ever seen a show, Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal was an experience in itself. The Osheaga Music Festival is a gem that I plan to attend over and over again.


#1 Kee to Bala, Bala, Muskoka

My #1 venue of 2013 holds so much history and is an iconic venue that I had be anxiously hoping to attend for years. I love small venues and the Kee to Bala certainly lived up to the hype and exceeded my expectations. I’m hoping to make trips to the Kee a new summer tradition.


What were your favourite concerts of 2013?

Written by Venue Diary

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